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30th Annual Waterway Cleanup at Delevoe Park, March 3, 2007
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Charlene Burke (L) and longtime WRT member Mandy Bellasalmo are enjoying their time volunteering together on the North Fork cleanup.

From left, Boy Scout Troop 254's Freddy Masterson, Harley Hermanson, and Scoutmaster Todd Maddalena are loading up the WRT trailer at the end of the day.

Baynanza, Matheson with members of Troop 254, April 14, 2007

Our gallant crew, preparing for the paddle down the mangrove coast, from left: Freddy Masterson, Chip Weatherford, David "Shooter" Brown, Woody Weatherford, Fernando Masterson

Deep in the forest, clearing trash from the tidal creek: Woody, Chip, Shooter in front

Earth Fest, April 22, 2007

WRT shared a booth with Hands On Miami; on the right was the Friends of the Everglades display.

North Fork New River cleanup, April 25, 2007

Cyndy Loo and her son Nicky shared Donna's canoe, along with a lot of trash we picked up out of the river!

Dr. Jaap Vos with FAPS volunteer

Matheson cleanup, May 19, 2007

Paddling down Matheson's mangrove coast in search of marine debris: canoes from left to right are paddled by Charlene Burke & Mandy Bellasalmo; Blanca Puerta & Balu Vandor; Evian White & Josh Murdock . Donna's bow paddler was Larry Brown.

Evian White, Charlene Burke, Josh Murdock

North Fork scouting trip with John Reid, May 31, 2007

Matheson cleanup, June 16, 2007

Freddy Masterson walked back all the way, to haul out the boat deck found in the mangrove forest. Carey Hunt & Frances Josephs teamed up, towing it behind their canoe. As they got closer to the take-out point, Rob Lamar walked down to help them make it back in for those last tiring yards. Look carefully to see the boat deck dragging behind the canoe!

Unloading a very trashy canoe are Charlene Burke, Freddy Masterson, Fernando Masterson, Jessica Jette, Adam Grayson, Larry Brown

Matheson cleanup, July 14, 2007

A great crew, after a massive effort, taking the trash from their canoes just after pulling onto shore.

Posing with the day's haul (note the container of gasoline retrieved from the habitat, and later used by member Balu Vandor! This was very likely dropped off a smuggler's vessel, according to Matheson Hammock Park Manager Jeff West.) Elizabeth Pratt, April Sporer, Balu Vandor ( kneeling in front), Marsha Colbert (in front), Lynn Henderson, Marie-Angie Salva-Ramirez, Tom Potts, Diane Adams, Rob Lamar (in back), Blanca Puerta, Michael Manna, Elsa Alvear, Freddy Masterson, Tiffany Smith, Todd Remmel, Becky Remmel, Kevin DuBart (in back), Fernando Masterson, Ashley Florestal, Phil Ordonez, Chelsea Westra.

North Fork, July 21, 2007

Freddy Masterson and Blanca Puerta have spotted something in the trees lining the river bank. A raccoon? A bird? Wildlife may be found in every small pocket of foliage along the North Fork of the New River.

Dr. Jaap Vos, Freddy and Fernando Masterson and a FAPS member scrubbing down the canoes.

Matheson, August 18, 2007

Longtime WRT member Alan Verdecia is happy to have finally found a crocodile in the mangrove forest.

Sitting on the tongue of the trailer, A.J. Carter is worn out from the breezy day's canoeing. Freddy Masterson is ready to help with the canoe being loaded by Balu Vandor, Barbara Powell and Chip Weatherford.

North Fork, August 25, 2007

From Troop 254, Scoutmaster Todd Maddalena (stern) and Woody Weatherford.

End of another successful river cleanup. Dr. Jaap Vos, (red shirt), Chip Weatherford from Troop 254, Miami teacher Kat Cattie drove up to volunteer with friend Juan Alban (behind Chip). Broward County's Kevin Carter on bridge.

Westport, Sept. 13, 2007

A Canada goose of the type used to show the end of a yard sprinkler in the lake, served as a bed for what was probably a Muscovy duck's nest.

Sam Van Leer with way too many coconuts, but that's the way it was on our first cleanups of these suburban lakes.

International Coastal Cleanup, Matheson, Sept, 15, 2007

Extracting marine debris from an interior tidal creek are Kerri Rhodes (L) and Evian White.

Unloading the canoes are, from left, Tamara Kovic, Blanca Puerta, Kerri Rhodes and Evian White. Just out of photo range: Judy Lamb.

Key Biscayne: Sept. 21, 2007

A beautiful stand of mangroves on Key Biscayne.

Looking southeast from West Point on Key Biscayne at the nasty weather we soon had to outrun.

North Fork: Sept 29, 2007

This the area on the river where we stop, just south of Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. There is always a lot of trash here because of the flea market nearby. Everyone is getting to work at the mess! Donna's solo canoe was the only one able to get around the boom to push all the trash over to the volunteers ready and waiting on the other side.

In order to get the trash, Mark Welsh (L) and Kwok Au sat on the boom to scoop it up; FAU's Dr. Jaap Vos in hat, right, in stern of canoe with a FAPS volunteer.

Westport, Oct. 5, 2007

WRT member and founder of Outdoor Adventures Klub (OAK), Jordan London, in search of rogue coconuts. On small suburban lakes such as these, an overabundance of floating coconuts becomes obnoxious as they clog storm drains and their sour, rotting odor is very unpleasant to homeowners.

Two fully loaded canoes about to be unloaded by Jordan, and Joey of Allstate Resource Management, the company which subcontracts WRT for the lake debris removal. As it's Joey whose job it is to pick up the bags, in this photo he is probably more than a little dismayed that the WRT crew was so thorough in its hunt!

Westport, Oct. 12, 2007

Jordan London, a true hero of the environment as well as a glutton for punishment, again volunteered his time and muscle for the lake cleanup.

Jordan waits his turn to unload while volunteer Susan Edge offloads her bags from aptly named WRT vessel, Done Good.

Westport, Nov. 7, 2007

Longtime WRT member Balu Vandor seeking out the nuisance nut.

It's not often the camera looks up at a canoe; Gotta Do is one of several fiberglass "Blazers" in the WRT fleet, a sturdy model made by Mohawk Canoes.

NOTE: Nov. 10, 2007 North Fork cleanup with FAPS but Donna Kazo was a speaker at the memorial
service to honor William F. Whitman at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and was unable to
attend. We are seeking pictures of this North Fork cleanup and invite you to send any you may have.

Matheson cleanup, Nov. 18, 2007

It's a family thing! Tiffany Smith, her husband Jeremy, and their sons Austin (closest to camera) and Braden have just about filled their canoe with marine debris.

WRT is very grateful to a super team of 14 EDSA employees who gathered up nasty trash such as this tire and many other items. The EDSA team was coordinated by Jenifer Rivera, and included her husband Eli, along with Cara Critchlow, Erica Stimart, Justin Russell, Greg Kaeuper, Maritza Figueroa, Eddie Figueroa, Paulina Gibbs, Ines Gersdorf, Daniel Castillo, Shawn Balon, and Joey Svec. They joined the Smith family, Donna Kazo, Sam Van Leer, Balu Vandor, Henry Fok, Ben Shaw, and Joe Capitan for a truly trashy day.

Westport, Dec. 7, 2007

Jordan London is back for more coconut madness on a bright and beautiful South Florida morning.

Jordan examining the morning's haul.

Key Biscayne paddle and Canoe View picnic supper, Dec 26, 2007

Setting off in the peaceful Miami afternoon, WRT members Joan and Charles Hasselbach are in high spirits!

Joan and Charles enjoying a magical Miami sunset over Biscayne Bay.

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