WRT Cleanup Gallery, Part 1

In 1995, WRT was asked by Miami-Dade County's DERM (Dept. of Environmental Resource Management) to investigate the pollution and obstructions of the north fork of the Miami River. Only WRT's canoes could navigate the shallow, foul, poorly-flushed tributary of this historic river. These photos illustrate just a few of the many workdays which took place over the years, as this branch was emptied by tons of accumulated trash. From many thousands of beer bottles to shopping carts to computers to motorcycles to boats and on and on, WRT's volunteers fearlessly wrestled filthy refuse into their canoes. Residents along the banks were appreciative and seem to respect their waterfront a lot more. The tide was more able to reach all the way to the end to flush out the silt and nastiness. This partnership, between WRT and DERM, was the first to establish Wildlife Research Team's stellar reputation in the realm of waterway cleanups.

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April 1996
WRT volunteer Olivia King steadies WRT canoe Doer as Frank Parker extracts trash from the river, alongside a parking lot.

April 1996
DERM workers, in orange vests, assist the unloading of trash from WRT canoes paddled by, from left, Fred Howe, John Simmons (with camera, as he was filming a documentary of Dr. Kazo at that time), Frank Parker and Olivia King.

April 1996
WRT volunteers Frank Parker and Olivia King unload their muddy canoe with help of DERM workers.

April 1997
Donna Cannon and Robert Council arriving early on a cool winter morning for a workday on the North Fork of the Miami River.

April 1997
Dr. Kazo holds WRT vessel Do-It in position while the DERM workers snag yet another abandoned sunken boat from the muddy Miami River.

April 1997
DERM employees are using a crane to pull ancient boat wreckage out of the shallow waters of the North Fork. The fellow in the bow of Dr. Tom Kazo's canoe, guiding the hook, is also a DERM employee.

April 1997
Dr. Kazo snapped this photo (could this have been a stolen motorcycle that was flung into the river?) as the DERM crew was raising it, after he hooked it up for them from his canoe.

Stern paddler, WRT co-founder Donna M. Cannon with WRT member Adam Casper scooting across the major branch of the Miami River on the way to the mouth of the North Fork tributary for another cleanup day.

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