Volunteers From 2003 Onward, Part 1

Being a volunteer-based, non-profit educational foundation, Wildlife Research Team holds in high regard those dedicated souls willing to volunteer their time and effort. The following images are from the extensive WRT archives, and serve to illustrate the hard-working spirit of WRT's wonderful volunteers.

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January 2004
David Garcia

January 2004
Gillian Swinscoe

February 2004
Dr. Tom Kazo deep in the Matheson Preserve mangrove forest, seeking the tidal corridor

December 2003
Donna M. Cannon and Chris Johnson discover the new central corridor

April 2004
Tyler Crain (in bow) with good friend Josh Murdock

March 2004
Tyler Crain (top) and Chris Morin deal with the portion of the WRT fleet on the 8-canoe trailer

March 2004
Adrian Andrade and Sean-Ross McCoy on Adrian's Eagle Scout project

March 2004
Boy Scout Mike Stoyer takes care of a dead log while David Garcia supervises

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