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Photo: Your Own Special Island by Dr. Tom Kazo

Our Featured Photo by Dr. Tom Kazo; see description below.

Welcome to WRT's website: a gathering spot for some of South Florida's most awesome volunteers. Wildlife Research Team is a Davie, Florida-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on Florida's beautiful and essential wilderness habitats and waterways. We are devoted to these endangered areas and are passionate about restoration, preservation, and education. Since 1993, WRT has used its own fleet of canoes to accomplish all manner of programs. Our hundreds of waterway and coastal cleanups have extracted tons of marine debris, making the habitat safer for wildlife throughout South Florida. We have also custom-designed excursions for stress relief, education, artists, photographers, and scientists.

After many years, our website has finally undergone a much-needed overhaul. Stay tuned as some of our content is still making the transition to the new format; most notably, the photo galleries. The articles as well are being added one by one! In the meantime, feel free to send us your feedback at PaddleNOSPAM4ResearchNOSPAM@yahooNOSPAM.com!

Featured Photo: "Your Own Special Island"

Somewhere in southwest Florida's mysterious Wilderness Waterway, this view of a tiny and uninhabited island was captured during a jewel-colored sunset by Dr. Tom Kazo's camera as he paddled by. For seven windy days in March of 1997, Dr. Tom, along with son Ryan and WRT volunteer Frank Parker, canoed this rigorous 100-mile-plus historic trail. Each man paddled a solo canoe containing all their food and fresh water, as there are no sources of drinking water along the entire route.

The link below takes you to a map of Everglades National Park, where you can zoom in to see the Wilderness Waterway.

Dr. Tom so loved the romantic aspect of this photo that we've even used it for Christmas cards. Who doesn't long for their own hidden retreat, a special getaway where life is perfect and beautiful? For a limited time WRT is making this photo available to those who support our mission with a donation of $50 and up; follow this link to learn how you can enjoy the rich colors of your own fantasy island in your own home.

Join Wildlife Research Team's A-Team!

Ever thought about paddling for pay? Canoeing for cash?

WRT's A-Team will be, first and foremost, the "engines" to power our canoes for "You Point We Paddle." This program allows people who are unable to paddle for reasons of age or disability to experience our Canoe View of Florida's waters firsthand so that all may experience enhancement of being.
So, for this purpose:
WRT is seeking very special people to become Canoe Guides/Naturalists with the goal of becoming a compensated member of our A-Team.

  • You must live in South Florida and have a love of learning, of nature, the outdoors, of science.
  • You must be strong enough to (eventually) paddle a loaded canoe by yourself (but you don't have to know how to paddle; we will teach you!) and to load and unload canoes, gear, and people.
  • You must possess a willingness to work hard even in unpleasant conditions.
  • You must become a member of our team who can follow directions for the good of everyone, yet at any time you must be prepared to be a leader.
  • You must show up when you say you will— responsibility and reliability are extremely important to your success, and there might be little kids counting on you.
  • You must have patience, with yourself and with others.
  • You must invest in yourself by attaining certifications and studying, both with us and on your own.

For our part:

  • We will, at all times, treat you with the respect due you based upon your good character, knowledge, hard work, experience, and love for your job and for nature.
  • We will be investing in you and putting our good name, our reputation, and our trust in you. As far as we are concerned you are an Environmental Hero in the making.
  • We will compensate you at a decent hourly rate, once you have moved past the role of volunteer and have proved, as a Member, that you are fulfilling our expectations.

First step:

  • You attend WRT's FREE basic training session, Canoeing 101.

And then:

  • You volunteer with WRT for twenty hours, which is all it takes to become a Lifetime Member. No dues ever!
  • As you volunteer with us, you will be constantly learning. And we will be learning about you. It's doesn't happen overnight. It's a process as well as an adventure. You will have fun, meet great people, and become healthier as you make a difference!

Read this for more information. Now we have just one question for you:

What are you waiting for?
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